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Interview Question of the Month:

What has been the toughest decision you ever made?

Managers want to see what kind of decision maker you are. They want to understand if you are able to make wise choices in though situations.

Be prepared with an example of how you carried out your decision and the results thereafter. A good response:

My previous employer offered me a great promotion, but the downside was that it required for me to transfer to a different state, which would affect not only myself but my family. I went home and talked to my spouse and kids because I feel it's important to get their input too. In the end, we all decided to move. And since then, I was able to help our company gain $1 million in revenue with over 30 valuable clients. It was the toughest but best decision I ever made.

Important Interviewing Mistake to Know:

To spray or not to spray...

While you are getting ready and dressed up for your interview, what kind of fragrance do you wear?

It may be minor but it's highly crucial to consider that type of perfume or cologne you use. Too much of a strong scent could distract the manager from focusing on your interview, and it could even persuade them to end the meeting earlier than planned ruining your chances of getting job.

Distinguish which fragrance has the "professional" smell and which one says "Let's party!". Use the lightest scent you have, and if you are unsure which is best, just don't use one at all (that is if you don't have a hygiene problem).

Have you read my recommendations on job searching sites?

As I mention on my job search advice page , my #1 website for job hunting is

Indeed posts tons of jobs you're looking for without the clutter and irrelevant ads that get in your way. I like Indeed because their postings are very organized, and you can even find jobs by pay range. Go ahead and search Indeed directly here:

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