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Interview Question of the Month:

What are your biggest pet peeves?

This is a question for managers to evaluate how easy you are to work with. If you explain too many pet peeves, you could actually look like a high-maintenance employee. Try this answer instead:

"I really don't have any pet peeves. I am pretty open-minded, and if something is bothering me, I'm not afraid to address it and solve the problem quickly. I stay as humble as I can during tough situations."

Important Interviewing Mistake to Know:

Bad-mouthing your employer...

Whether you got fired from your job or just want to quit because you hate your boss, bad-mouthing your employer is a major turn-off to the interviewer.

It may be hard to not talk about negative qualities in your current or previous job, especially when you are asked why you want to leave, but in every situation keep the topic positive. Do not admit to despising your boss and that you want to egg his/her home. And do not talk about arguments you've had with managers or coworkers. The interviewer could easily assume that you would act the same way if they hired you.

Instead, like they say, "Put every negative into a positive." Discuss that you want a new experience in a bigger or smaller firm (whatever the case). Or explain that you learned a lot in your current/previous job and want to leverage your skills in a new environment. Instead of talking about your current/previous employer, discuss more of why you want the job you're applying to. This way, you avoid any temptation to bad-mouthing.

Have you read my recommendations on job searching sites?

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Have a productive job search!