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Interview Question of the Month

How do you handle failure?

What do you first think about when asked this question? Do you keep it positive or do you become vulnerable?

What employers want to hear is that you can sometimes admit your faults while also keeping an optimistic mind.

Here is a great answer:

I like to keep a positive mindset. When I don't succeed at something, I evaluate what I did wrong and how I can do better, so I don't make the same mistakes again. An example is, one time, I wasn't able to meet a sales goal which slowed down my entire team. I asked questions about my approach and learned some ways to make faster sales from my supervisor and team members.

This shows that you can take action to learning more and you are not afraid to ask questions.

Answers to NOT say:

  • I've never failed before. I'm perfect.
  • When I fail, I give everything to my co-workers.
  • I just let the manager handle everything.

Minor Interviewing Mistake

Although this is minor, glancing at your watch or continually checking the clock is considered absolutely rude in a job interview.

You should schedule enough time in your day, so that you commit a significant 1-2 hours for your interview. If you have other appointments, schedule 3-4 hours in-between. If your interview goes any longer than 2 hours, normally the employer will let you know in advance.

You don't want to look like you are rushing and have something else important to do.

The only appropriate moment to check the clock is if the manager asks, "Do you have time to meet with another supervisor?"

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