About Me

As a former human resources coordinator, I have personal experience hiring prospects just like you. I understand what a typical manager is looking for, and I even know how it feels to be the one looking for a job.

From all of my experience evaluating resumes and cover letters, I found a passion in helping others edit and create their own resumes. I voluntarily assisted friends with interviewing advice and, even, conducted workshops on how to properly prepare for an interview.

Then, one day after seeing all the chaos and unemployment rate in this economy skyrocketing, I suddenly decided to spread my knowledge and offer help to people on the Internet. Thus, Hire Me 101 was created!

My Vision
To guide people along their job searching route by forming this website about every critical thing you can possibly know in the interviewing process.

I've seen so many people make a variety of different mistakes, whether it's on resumes, during interviews, how they speak, how they dress... the list goes on. And not many sites offer extreme, detailed advice on each step in job searching, and those are the big reasons why I started Hire Me 101.

With this large source of information that I've generated, I want people to not just read through the site but to understand the importance of each unique web page.

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