Interview Question:

Why did you or do you want to leave your job?

When some people are asked this question in an interview, they may have a tendency to speak negatively about their last job. This is a big mistake you don't want to make!

Instead, focus on the positive things about your job no matter how much you hate it!

If you were fired, ADMIT IT. And still don't express any bitter feelings about the situation. Being honest in the first place shows integrity.

Remember, employers are evaluating your every word, so you don't want to bad-mouth your previous boss or even the employees you worked with. This would simply reveal signs that you would possibly do the same and find anything negative to complain about if hired within the firm you're interviewing with.

Try these recommended responses in the following cases...

If you quit or want to soon leave your job:

  • I felt there weren't any opportunities to grow and expand my knowledge. And I want to be able to face new challenges in a different environment.
  • Since I just graduated with a bachelor's degree, I want to start putting my foot in the door in my field of study and place my educational knowledge to use.
  • I started to build an interest for your work's type of field, and there's no direction in that kind of industry at my current job.
  • Although I enjoy where I currently work, I am taking a large amount of time out of my day commuting, so I would prefer working closer to home.

If you got fired or laid-off:

  • I was actually let go due to unfortunate circumstances. There were some parts of the job where I didn't fit, and my supervisor felt it would be best for me to pursue a different career. However, I do not regret working there, and I appreciate the knowledge I got to gain. I fully accept my mistakes and understand that I should improve on my communication skills.
  • The company had to downsize and abolish a few of the departments, so unfortunately I was one of the many staff members to get laid-off.

Again, keep it positive! And avoid complaining.

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