Interview Question:

What are your weaknesses?

The absolute wrong answer: "I don't have any weaknesses."

Admit it... we all have our weaknesses no matter how hard of a worker you are. Even the employee of the year has faults. And managers want to you admit it.

They ask you this question to see if you are aware of your weaknesses and how you are working to be better.

You can always find ways to improve something, so think of what you can work on that lets the employer know you are really trying.

Acceptable Answers:

  • I want to improve on my computer skills.
  • I would like to work on my leadership skills.
  • I believe I am too generous and want to work on being more firm when giving orders.
  • I am working on my problem solving skills and want to be able to make decisions quickly on my own.
  • I have noticed in the past that I may take on assignments from others who do not work as quickly as I do, but I end up with more work then I can manage.

Be sure you elaborate further with your answer by saying: "I am taking steps by..." or "I am improving by..."

Give traits that you genuinely want to work on. A good employee always recognizes their mistakes.

NOTE: Do not be mistaken by thinking you can boast on your good traits that may seem like weaknesses.

And again, never say: "I don't have any weaknesses."

Other Wrong Answers to Stay Away from: