Interview Question:

What has been your favorite
and least favorite job?

This is another tricky question where you want to be careful.

You can probably answer with your favorite job easily. But watch what you say when you think of your least favorite.

This is where employers can judge your values. You could accidentally give a response that makes you look like you're hard to work with.

Examples of Wrong Answers

"This was my least favorite job because..."

  • "I didn't like the management style."
  • Employers could assume that you will also have trouble with management in their company.

  • "I didn't get along with the employees."
  • You could be looked at as the one who's hard to get along with.

  • "I was given too much work."
  • Employers may think you can't multi-task and manage your priorities.

Acceptable Answers

  • "It was an industry I didn't develop a passion for, and then I found an interest in your type of field and started to enjoy..."
  • Describe duties the job you're apply to has that you like if you have experience. And discuss qualities you lost passion for in your least favorite job that is unrelated to the current job. You don't want employers to think you will lose interest in their job as well.

  • "I was not offered any opportunities that would challenge my skills. I want to be able to expand my knowledge in this field."
  • "I didn't get a chance to contribute my creativity. I like developing ideas where I can put my knowledge to good use."

Evaluate the type of industry you're going into and be sure your answer won't go against you if the job you want is related to your least favorite.

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