Interview Question:

What qualities are important to you in a manager?

With this question, you are being tested on how well you would communicate and work under a firm's management style.

Do not respond with:

  • I do not like supervisors who micromanage.
  • Actually, managers have every right to micromanage and observe you to ensure you are getting work done. That's the purpose of their job.

  • I think a manager should allow employees to do what they feel.
  • This just shows you don't like being managed period.

Instead, focus on leadership aspects and positive qualities.

Acceptable Answers

  • A manager has an objective and displays his/her expertise that allows employees to learn and grow in the workplace.
  • A manager knows the potential in his/her employees and is able to fairly delegate tasks that help meet the company's goals.
  • A manager has the ability to inspire his/her subordinates to improve on their skills, and then rewards them for their accomplishments.
Then give an example of a manager you have worked with who portrays those qualities.

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