Interview Question:

What are your strengths?

With this question, managers are testing to see how common your answers are to other candidates. You want to think of traits that absolutely make you different!

Remember, as mentioned on the previous page, do NOT just say "I'm hard-working and dedicated." Be creative and think of what you're good at.

Answers that work:

  • I can handle stress very well.
  • I am very punctual and good at managing time when it comes to both arriving to work and meeting deadlines.
  • I have a demonstrated ability to work with a diverse group of people.
  • I stay self-motivated in demanding situations.
  • I am a people-person with genuine customer service skills.
  • I have a great eye for creativity.
  • I have strong analytical skills and can make quick decisions on my own.
  • I take criticsm very well and don't make excuses for my mistakes.

Along with each strength, be sure you elaborate and give examples.

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