Interview Question:

What interests you about this position or company?

This is a question where managers will evaluate how much you want the position and why you want to work for the firm. Be careful with how you answer as you don't want to come across as just wanting to get a job (no matter how harsh this economy is).

Answers you don't want to give:

  • I honestly just need a job.
  • I want to get the discounts.
  • I just want the ability to say 'I work for [name of company].'
  • I'll have any position within your company.
  • I want to be sure I can get promoted.

Appropriate Answers:

  • Your company is very unique from others in this industry because your products offer a different approach to [Think of positive aspects of the company].
  • This position will allow me to learn more about the importance of [Name a task or skill]. And I enjoy a challenging environment, so I believe I will be able to offer a lot to the role.

Look at the responsibilities the job entails and incorporate those duties along with your experience to your answer. And understand what the firm is all about so you can explain why the company is unique. This is a major reason why doing your research prior to the interview is important!

For example, if a sales expert is applying for a hotel position, a good response is: "Being in sales for 5 years, I've gained the customer service skills needed, especially for a hospitality role. And this position will allow me to learn more about hotel management and working with a diverse group of customers from all around the world."

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