Job Interview Attire
How to Look Professional at Your Best

Most people can assume what to wear to a job interview, but many forget the little details of their attire that are very crucial to understand.

At the first glance, your entire look will be observed, and the employer will see how your professional style will fit with their company. So follow these pointers clearly as every element is important.

Traditional Business Attire For Men:

A complete suit including...

  • Dark blue, grey, or black blazer with same color pants
  • Buttoned-up, collared shirt
  • Necktie with simple pattern (no fancy or crazy designs!)
  • Black or dark dress shoes with matching socks
Overall look...
  • Neatly trimmed & gelled haircut (no long hair!)
  • No facial hair or sideburns
  • No earrings or facial piercings
  • Hide any other piercings and tattoos
  • No jewelry except wedding ring
  • Light cologne, no nail polish, and no make-up!

Traditional Business Attire for Women:

A complete suit including...

  • Professional blazer
  • White buttoned-up, collared shirt or blouse (collar to overlap top of blazer)
  • Black or dark dress pants (a long skirt okay but must be passed the knees)
  • If you wear a long skirt, also wear hosiery
  • Black or dark dress shoes that match your suit (must be close-toed with heels; no flats!)

Overall look...

  • Light, natural make-up! (no dark eye shadow or dark lipstick)
  • No piercings except ears (and only on the traditional ear holes; take out cartilages and everything else)
  • No dangly earrings; just small studs or very small hoops
  • Keep any other jewelry to one simple bracelet and one ring
  • Hide any tattoos
  • Nicely, brushed hair to keep out of face (and no crazy highlights)
  • Light perfume and simple nail polish

Although not all companies require full-on business attire, you still must look professionally dressed. For example, a large number of Internet firms have a more relaxed dress code, so light-colored pants and a nice blouse or sweater would likely work.

If you are unsure, you are free to ask! Call the human resources department and say, "I just would like to understand the culture and dress code within your company, so that I can be properly dressed for my interview." Don't be afraid.. you will actually show courtesy and class!

Your job interview attire is as important as
preparing for the actual interview. Click here.