Interview Process

The entire interview process is more extensive than you think. Employers go through a series of steps before they make their final hiring decision, and it's important that you know how to exactly be prepared.

The outline below gives you the typical process of an interview, and you can click on each link to get details and advice on getting yourself organized for each step.

1. Phone Interview - The preliminary screening that helps the employer decide if they want to meet you. Do not take a phone interview for granted. Actually, if you are actively job hunting, expect that you may receive a phone call for a screening. Read this page to learn how to take full advantage of this first step in the interview process.

2. In-Person Interview - Everything you do to prepare ahead of time is absolutely crucial! From the way you practice your answers to the attire you choose to wear, and even how you exit an interview, are all essential aspects that reflect how you come across as a potential employee to managers. Read each section below carefully.

3. Group Interview
- How you can stand out from the others. Learn what employers are evaluating during a group interview and how they are comparing the rest of the candidates sitting beside you.

4. Following Up - What to do after your interview. Many people forget about the importance of sending an appreciation letter after they have met up with employers. Do not skip this part as you only have 24 hours from time of your meeting to leave a lasting impression.

Still have questions about the interview process?
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