Interview Tips
Gestures & Ethics During the Job Interview

From the moment you walk into an employer's office for an interview, you are being observed. Your posture, look, voice, and presence are all important, and you want to watch your every move to leave a great impression.

Study these essential tips for correct gestures and ethics during a job interview:

  1. Once you meet your interviewer, greet with a FIRM handshake. This shows confidence and gives off a sign of top-quality professionalism. However, do not give too strong of a handshake that hurts your interviewer.
  2. When sitting, cross your ankles and keep your hands on your lap. Do not cross your legs, lean over on the table, or cross your arms. Sit up straight, and have presence!
  3. Maintain eye contact and nod your head often. This shows that you're paying full attention and giving your all.
  4. Beware of saying too many "um", "like", "uh", and "you know". As mentioned on the interview questions page, you want to sound confident and sell yourself.
  5. When you are asked if you have any questions, definitely ask! Show genuine interest and that you want to learn more. Prepare your own questions to ask here.

  6. At the end of the interview, conclude with another FIRM handshake, and thank the interviewer for meeting with you. It's easy to forget this last gesture when you are overwhelmed. But this portrays real professionalism and respect.

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