Cover Letter Format

This cover letter format should help you better understand what your letter encompasses. Each paragraph contains different points, so study carefully and take time to fully write your cover letter.

Although this portion is the most tedious part of job searching, it's the primary source for managers to understand who you are. It is like a narrative that leads employers to view your resume. However, don't mistake your cover letter to explain your whole life history.

Follow through the format and start writing!

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
(You can also use the same heading from your resume)


Contact Person's Name (Type the hiring manager's full name if you know it)
Company Name
Company Address
Company City, State, Zip Code

Salutation, (Use "Dear... " Mr./Ms. Manager's Last Name or Human Resources Manager or Hiring Manager)

1st Paragraph:
This is the attention getter! You can describe how you heard of the job opening, your most useful, attractive qualification to catch the employer's eye, and the reason you are writing. Be sure to state the position you're applying for because a company may be hiring for multiple titles.

Body Paragraph:
Sell yourself! Explain how your skills grew in your previous jobs and why they would benefit the company you're applying for. Talk about relevant experience and training capabilities. State any certifications and what your knowledge can bring. If you are a student, you can talk about the lectures you learned in classes and how they are relevant to the job.

Whatever you mention, don't repeat duties or task statements from your resume.

2nd Body Paragraph(Optional):
If you want, you can have another paragraph to put a final emphasis on your qualities that convinces the employer to call you and leads to the conclusion. But make sure this is short! A letter that is too long will bore managers and make them skip over words.

Final Paragraph:
Conclude with a thank you for the employer's consideration and provide the easiest contact method to reach you, whether it's via phone or e-mail.



Your Name

Don't forget: The employer is also looking at your writing abilities, so sound professional and check for spelling/grammar mistakes.

While you study this cover letter format, review these Final Tips.

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