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This section will provide the cover letter help you need to write a great introduction about yourself.

Submitting a cover letter with your resume is an important element you do not want to forget. Only few companies will accept a resume without a cover letter, for example, a retail store. Otherwise, you certainly should prepare one.

Not only is it the introduction to your resume, but it will help employers get a personal feel of how you fit into the position and company. They will look at how you write, how professional you sound, and how your skills can benefit them.

A cover letter normally consists of 3-4 paragraphs. The first discloses what position you are applying to and how you heard of the job opening. The body paragraph(s) explains how your experience and skills could be utilized for the job. And the last paragraph thanks the employer for their time and consideration. See the links below for a detailed template and cover letter format.

Important Tip: Cater each cover letter specifically to each job and company you apply to.

It may take time to write a cover letter, but remember, as mentioned before, job searching is a job itself!

If you have great writing abilities, you should have no problem. Actually, I recommend that you build your resume first. Once you have that part complete, you should be able to get the cover letter done with ease because you already have your accomplishments and skills written out. You can expand upon your objective statement and go from there. If you don't feel confident enough, this is why my cover letter help here will guide you.

Click on the links below:


General Template
A layout just to get you started. This part is only to give you an idea of how a cover letter looks overall. Read this first, then proceed to the format.

2. Cover Letter Format
Specific details on what each paragraph should encompass and how you should elaborate on your experience and accomplishments. Give yourself some thought and time as this cover letter help page will assist you.


Additional Cover Letter Help Tips
A final checklist to ensure that you have everything on point, including tips on how else you should present your final draft. Very important to read!

4. Cover Letter Samples
Examples of all levels of experience: student, intermediate, and executive samples.

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It's about you and the employer.

Do not get into detail about your goals. It's about the employer's goals and what they want for the position. Show a sense of urgency and express how you can contribute to them.

Of course, it may seem time-consuming to write up a cover letter after you took so much time building your resume. But a great advantage is that you can further discuss your capabilities that the resume does not fully elaborate on. For example, if you have years of experience in the public relations industry and are applying for a newscaster position at a television station, you can elaborate further about how your sense of presentation and communications skills developed from your past jobs would carry on and benefit the new position.

Although it is unnecessary to talk about your life story in a cover letter, a little anecdote would work fine. It is what you can do for the company that employers want to know. Use your words wisely and effectively, and you will do great. Go to the links above, and read carefully on the cover letter help and guidance each page contains.

Remember, direct each cover letter to the specific company you have interest in.


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