Cover Letter Template

This cover letter template gives just a general layout of how your letter should look. Read this first, then go to the next link at the bottom of the page.

This is only a GENERAL template. A more detailed format is on the next page.

Your Name
Your Address
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Contact Person's Name
Company Name
Company Address
Company City, State, Zip Code


1st Paragraph: 2-3 sentences of introduction describing your interest for a position.

Body Paragraph: 4-6 sentences explaining a few qualifications. Expand on key points from your resume. Describe experiences that focus on what the employer is looking for.

2nd Body Paragraph(Optional): 2-3 short sentences of additional information discussing another skill or anecdote of why you should be hired.

Final Paragraph: 2-3 sentences of conclusion that shows appreciation for the employers' time and how you can be contacted.



Your Name

That's not it!
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