Resume Education

If you are a student or recent college graduate, display your education after the objective or summary on your resume.

If you have had several years of work experience and attended school far back, place this section at the very bottom of your resume because your experience and summary should be your main highlights.

The education section should include the name of your school, type of degree, major, concentration and minor(if any), and graduation date.

GPA is not required to display, especially if your work experience is the main emphasis. For students, I would only recommend it if you're going for a health-related field and your grade point average is over 3.5.

Here are some examples:

For students/college graduates, these are great templates...

For those with more working background, remember to put your education at the bottom. And you will want to keep the section short, like these...

Priority Tip: Never include your high school unless you are currently in high school.

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