Senior Software Engineer - Search

Location: Redwood City, CA

Senior Software Engineer needed who is extremely proficient in back-end Java, Elastic Search, and considers themselves a product orientated engineer!

As a fast-paced, stealth-mode company, we place a high value on collaboration and communication. Our team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs behind some of the most successful companies in the Bay Area, who live to solve problems, and we believe that listening – to customers and each other – is key to developing quality solutions. Each team member brings a unique blend that contributes to the whole; innovation, adaptation, and commitment are amongst our tools.

Located mid-Peninsula, we offer a flexible, supportive working environment. Having fun while we work is vital!

We are currently looking for a passionate Senior Software Engineer with extensive search experience. You will work on bringing Natural Language Processing and search technology into our product, helping to lay the groundwork for our future success.


  • Participate in the design & implementation of the search and NLP components, as well as other systems to support a large-scale, multi-tenant SaaS framework
  • Understand how to use new technologies and methods that will provide Squelch customers with new and innovative features
  • Work closely with our research associates to incubate new concepts and user interactions
  • Work with other product development members to bring new feature to the product quickly and seamlessly
  • Effectively work in a fast-paced, energetic and experienced development team environment


  • 5+ years experience in building large-scale, multi-tenant infrastructure platforms
  • Experience implementing and using search algorithms and parsers
  • Experience with ElasticSearch
  • Experience with async programming models and server architectures
  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Proficiency in Java and Python
  • A self-driven, results-oriented mentality with strong analytical and problem-solving skills

In the face of knowledge fragmentation within an enterprise, Squelch uses cloud-based deep analytics, NLP, auto-classification, and prioritization technologies to deliver critical intelligence to its users. We are currently focused on the customer support and service sector and plan on expanding rapidly to accommodate the entire enterprise ecosystem (e.g., sales, presales, marketing, etc.).

Interested? Send your resume!