Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will the process take?

We will provide you with the estimated turnaround time before you sign on and submit payment up front. The resume writer will maintain communication all through email and have you answer questions that will help in creating the document by the promised turnaround time. Since demand for our service is increasing, we can only accommodate a certain number of clients at a time. Remember, quality work comes from quality time.

2. What fields do you specialize in?

Everyone's background is unique so, of course, we can't have knowledge in every industry. Our clientele largely consists of IT, project management, financial analysis, accounting, sales, human resources and medical professionals. If we feel our service may not be the best fit for your career needs, we will be honest and provide you with a different source to seek other writers.

3. Do you offer a guarantee?

We do not guarantee job placement or employment success. Our clients’ successes are directly dependent upon the commitment and diligence they put into their job-searching efforts. Job outcomes are affected by many external variables not within our control, including employers' hiring processes, local and national economies, market saturation for a particular industry and many more.

4. Do you allow edits after the initial draft is complete?

Upon receiving your resume draft, you will have 14 days to approve or request corrections. You are allowed two rounds of edits during that time. Usually, clients have found just one round of adjustments suffice for the final touches.

5. How much do you charge to update the resume after you've already worked with me?

Sometimes, clients come back to us months or years later to add a new job to the resume we crafted. The cost is dependent on how much work is required and will be determined at that time.

6. Is this your full-time work or just a side business?

The chief resume writer manages this business full-time and commits mornings, afternoons and sometimes evenings to ensure quality work for each client.

7. Are you proficient with creating resumes for career changers?

It all depends on the type of career change. Sometimes, people want to make such a dramatic industry change that it may not always be realistic or possible to translate the skills appropriately. We will offer you our candid feedback and advice when necessary.

8. What is the different between hiring a certified professional resume writer and a non-certified resume writer?

There are various types of resume writers out there who are not certified from freelancers to college career counselors. However, they may only be familiar with old-fashioned techniques of resume writing and typically do not commit to educating themselves on modern job searching trends.

Our chief resume writer holds the standard CPRW as well as a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, which contributes to the creativity she utilizes in her writing.

9. Are you involved with any professional associations?

It's important when you hire a resume writer to ask if they are members of industry groups. The two well-renowned organizations are the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) and the National Resume Writers' Association (NRWA). Being a member of these affiliations shows commitment to staying up-to-date with job searching practices.

10. What payment methods do you accept?

Most major credit cards are accepted.

11. How come you require payment up front? How can I trust that you will deliver the product?

It is standard for resume writers to require payment in advance. Since we receive a handful of requests on a weekly basis, your payment up front secures your spot on our project queue. And we will have you review our contract prior to signing on.

More questions? Tell us more about yourself and inquire with us here. Current waiting time is listed through this link.