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Here, we will focus on job searching advice that explains the right methods to apply for a job.

Whether you approach a company via e-mail, walk-in, mail or fax, employers are judging you right away. So whichever method you choose during your search, read these tips to leave a better impression.

Online Job Boards/E-mail

Sending resumes electronically is the most common method these days. We rely on the internet very much as a large form of communication. Although applying for jobs online is highly convenient, there are also
some disadvantages.

When employers post a job advertisement online, they receive a ridiculously large amount of replies back from candidates just like you. One of the biggest, most well-known websites is Craigslist. People are applying left and right through that site, so it's hard for employers to pick and choose which ones to first look at. Their e-mails just keep growing, and the more resumes they view, the more picky they get.

So in order for you to be more than just another e-mail left in their inbox, follow these professional pointers:

  • Read the whole advertisement and follow directions. Some employers only want your resume if it is copied and pasted into the e-mail, while some don't mind if you send an attachment. If the ad doesn't state otherwise, attach your resume as a word document (.doc file) or a pdf.
  • Paste your cover letter first into the e-mail and directly address the manager's name, if mentioned in the ad.
  • Type the position you're applying for in the subject line. A company may be advertising for more than one position. Managers will likely bypass you if you put "Megan's Resume" as the subject.

Craigslist, Monster, and Careerbuilder are known to be some of the the largest search engines for job hunting. Because they are so popular, it is also tough to be the one picked out of piles of other resumes competing through those sites.

See how you can utilize job search engines while you find a job.

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Walking In Without Appointment

As a traditional way to apply for a job, I unfortunately have to say that walking into a company unexpectedly does not always work nowadays. Managers are extremely busy, and at times, it will irritate them to meet job candidates without an appointment. Even after you apply online, walking in or even calling can make you look a little desperate.

Of course, in the economy the way that it is, we are all desperate for money. But harassing a firm to make yourself be noticed won't get you far.

Read the job advertisement carefully.

At times, employers will state on the ad to not call or walk-in.

One of the only ways a company may not mind a walk-in candidate is if you're applying for a retail/sales position.

Mail vs. Fax

As stated above, mailing in your resume after applying for a job online can get you noticed. Since the online method of job searching is the most common nowadays, your mail-in resume could help your candidacy stand out (but remember to have an outstanding resume first).

If you use this method, attention the envelope to the human resources department or direct hiring manager. For example, "Attn: Human Resources Department".

Similar to the walk-in method, I suggest you avoid faxing your resume. The quality that employers see on their side of the fax will not look pleasant enough, even if you created a unique-looking resume.

Fax machines eliminate the features that a professional type of paper has and can make your sentences look strained and uneven. So only use this method as a last resort.

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